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Using MFDeploy

This version of MFDeploy includes the ability to get and set an ID number for the mote. In the GUI version you'll see the option. From the command line, execute

> MFDeploy.exe GetDeviceId /I:USB:MOTE2_a7e70ea2

This will get the ID and print it.

> MFDeploy.exe SetDeviceId:1234 /I:USB:MOTE2_a7e70ea2

This will set the ID to 1234.

Make sure the USB name is correct (MOTE2_a7e70ea2 in this case). You can use other MFDeploy commands to list the available motes.

To open this project with Visual Studio

From a Windows command line:
  1. Go to c:\MicroFrameworkPKv40 and run "Setenv_vs9.cmd"
  2. (one time only) "msbuild /t:build build.dirproj"
  3. Go to MF folder and run "devenv framework\tools\mfdeploy\mfdeploy.sln" (or just execute the .sln if devenv is in your path)

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